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What is a  Dynamic QR Code?

Quick response, or QR, is a type of barcode that can store a multitude of information like PDFs, contact information and links to your website.

A Dynamic QR Code is useful for businesses in their marketing strategy because of its many advantages. Though it needs a subscription to work, it is a small price to pay compared to the benefits it offers especially in the new social distancing and no contact era.

How can it help your business?

Customize a code that fits your brand or company identity so you can strengthen your marketing campaigns. Our Dynamic QR Code solutions help you create a unique experience for your audience and customers.

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Why Dynamic QR Codes?

Easy to use

Scan using a smartphone

No app required

Upload multiple PDF's of your menu so that your customers

can safely scan and view it using their smartphones

 Plans & Pricing



Perfect for small businesses that are starting out or for anyone looking to try our

QR Solutions

Dynamic QR Code

(2000 scans)

Add custom link/PDF 

(limited to 3 links/docs)

Set up support

Rs. 199/month



Tailored to suit small to medium businesses like restaurants & cafes

Dynamic QR Code

(Unlimited scans)

Add custom link/PDF 

(limited to 3 links/docs)

 Your logo on QR Code

Hi-Res QR Code for print


Rs. 399/month



Perfect for gaining insight on how customers interact with your QR code

Dynamic QR Code

(Unlimited scans)

 Add custom link/PDF 


 Your logo on QR Code

Vanity URL

 User Insights

 Premium Support

Hi-Res QR Code for print

Rs. 599/month

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