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Design centric apps we’re loving right now!

April 2, 2019


We’re not going to deny that we’re constantly on our phones! Most of that time is actually spent messing around with various design or video apps. Here’s some of them that made our hot list!

1) Adobe Spark Post
Adobe Spark Post allows users to create fresh artwork for various platforms. We love that it lets us experiment with the text, layout, colour AND video.


2) Adobe Photoshop Express
Photoshop skills over life skills! We were ecstatic when we discovered PS for Android! Perfect for on-the-go quick editing.

3) Snapseed
Owned by Google, this killer photo-editing application enables users to enhance photos and apply various filters.

4) Colour Snap
Although made for house paint solutions,  this app is our go-to when it comes to finding the perfect customised colour palette.


 5) Medibang Paint

Finally something for us newbie illustrators! Medibang is a digital painting app that comes loaded with brushes that we simply LOVE! If you’re interested in drawing and sketching, but don’t have the latest fancy tablet, this app is will do just fine!


6) Instagram Preview
If you’re looking for an app to help you plan your feed, Instagram preview will do just that and how! This app helps us to schedule posts and track page performance …and guess what? It's free!

7) GoPro Quik
Go Pro Quik allows users to choose from various media formats to create awesome videos. Seamless transitions and effects only add to its appeal.



So that sums up our list - clearly ArtBox recommended ;) Let us know what you think! And if they are any apps you think we’ve missed out - we’d love to know!



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Design centric apps we’re loving right now!

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